My All Time FAVOURITE Pictures!

This post is a collab with one of my lovely friends Ellie; she will be doing the same post and she is INCREDIBLE at taking pictures so make sure you click here to view her post! 

If you didn’t know, my favourite thing to do (ever) is take pictures. I’d say I’ve inherited it from my dad; my dad loves taking pictures and I love going out with him to take pictures. I’ve been taking pictures properly for about 4 years now, and I’ve definitely built up a collection… As Ellie and I both love taking pictures, we thought it would be a good idea to share our all time favourite pictures.

DSCF1244Let’s throw it right back to the 22nd March 2015 (Nearly 3 years ago – whaaaatt?). I took this on my fujifilm camera in my local park and I was so proud of it! This is a little hut that I seem to have an obsession with (if you look on my Instagram, there’s about 4 pictures of it). I remember this day, I felt like such a photographer!DSCF1506I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon (one of my favourite places ever) in April 2015 and there was a beautiful magnolia tree. I took a few pictures of it, I vividly remember being very proud of this one.DSCF1587Here’s another picture from Stratford-Upon-Avon, this was taken when I went in May 2015. The buildings in Stratford are full of character and perfect to photograph. This is a picture of a shop sign – I remember being so proud of this one and I posted it everywhere when it was edited!DSCF2491I visited Scotland for the first time, also in 2015. We had 2 nights in Inverness and 3 nights in Edinburgh. This was one of the pictures I took in the Old Town and I absolutely love it! I tried to recreate it on my Canon but it just didn’t compare. On the adjacent side there was the other half of the cow. I just thought this was really cute so I had to get a picture!DSCF2895IMG_8268Also in 2015 (if you couldn’t tell, I’m doing this in chronological order), we visited a place called Oddicombe Bay in Devon. I looked a RIGHT MESS on that day. My hair was terrible, I had no eyebrows, and my sunglasses were way too big. I felt great though, and I guess that’s the main part. We went down to it on a cliff railway and then we walked round. It was sooooo hot too, probably about 25 degrees which is HOT for England.IMG_9121.jpgThis is a picture I took in my local park/nature reserve. It’s a huge nature reserve that spreads across about 4-5 different entrances and farms. In the summer we like to go for a walk around; in Summer 2015 I took this picture. I love it so much! I think it’s because of the reflection of the trees and the sky in the water. I found an open area in the trees and took the picture. Rumour has it that this area of the nature reserve is haunted; it used to be a medieval monastery there and the ruins are still there and people have reported various sightings. I’m pretty sure that I saw something which resembled a monk or a nun, or something along those lines. I’ve never had any paranormal experiences and it was probably just a bin bag floating about, but I did see something! I looked online and people seem to have seen the same thing too…IMG_1561Here’s a picture I took in a shopping centre in December 2015. I don’t really know how to describe what they are, I think they were meant to be snowballs that changed colour. Looking back, this picture is actually pretty bad but I was so proud of it at the time! It was my lock screen and home screen for a good couple of months.IMG_3482In my local park there are lots of daffodils in Spring. I’ve always loved taking pictures of flowers, Spring is the best season for doing so! I took this on my phone and I think I did pretty well, the colour’s a bit off though!IMG_0886.jpgIMG_1378.jpgThese are two pictures I took on my holiday in Devon; I was so proud of these at the time! The weather was impeccable for England – didn’t rain once!IMG_2263I went to my first official firework display in November 2016. I found it hard to get pictures of them because I couldn’t change the shutter speed on my camera, but I did manage to get this one and I love it!IMG_1794  IMG_2475These are two pictures I took in Edinburgh. I went twice last year and these were two of my favourites! Yes, you can see a person’s head in the first one – I couldn’t find the picture I took without the person’s head… The second picture is of a clock tower on a hotel by the train station. Fun fact (well not actually THAT fun), the clock has always been fast so that people didn’t miss their trains! IMG_2775.jpgIMG_2827.jpgAs I mentioned, flowers are my favourite thing to photograph. These are a couple of pictures I took last spring for my GCSE Photography exam portfolio.IMG_3478.JPGI went to the zoo for my birthday and all of the animals looked like they wanted to escape… Here’s a picture of the otters begging for food.IMG_5643.jpgIMG_5738.jpgHere are two pictures I took in Bournemouth. The first one was from when we went on the beach as the sun was beginning to set; I’m so lucky to have been able to capture the waves by using a fast shutter speed! The second picture was the view at night from the balcony of our room.IMG_6853.jpgIMG_6977.jpgIMG_7154.jpgHere are 3 pictures from when I went to Edinburgh in the summer. The first one is of the Walter Scott Monument – I’m so proud of this one as I managed to capture the whole monument in portrait. The second picture is a long exposure of the wheel in Princes Street Gardens. I learnt how to do long exposure pictures about a year ago now and I love taking them! The last picture is of a lemur at Edinburgh Zoo. I used my dad’s 70-300mm lens so I could zoom in onto the lemur; I’m so pleased that I captured the picture at the right time when the lemur was looking at the camera!IMG_8981.jpgIMG_8824Finally, here are two pictures I took in the snow in my local park. When it snowed (and stuck for the first time in forever) my dad and I went to the park to take pictures in the snow. These two are my favourites!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite pictures. Photography is my passion and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving taking pictures. Thank you for reading!

What is your favourite thing to photograph?

Love, Alex





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