April: Turning 17, Body Confidence & The Importance of Family

Another month has been and gone! Last month I did a little ‘Month in Review’ post, so I thought I would do another one.

Firstly, where on earth has this month gone? April is my birthday month, maybe that explains why it has flown by. Anybody else find that time goes ever so quick when you have something to look forward to?

We started off the month with a whole lot of chocolate… I love the bank holiday weekend; as you may know, I’m a huge family gal and one of my favourite things is being at home with my family. On Bank Holiday Monday, we did something I had been longing to do for ages. I’m very lucky in the sense that my parents had a video camera which they bought to take to America for their wedding, and they filmed moments on it right from when I came home from hospital. I’d seen bits of footage here and there, but I’d never seen it all. So, my dad got the video camera out, we plugged it into the TV and we spent a total of 7 hours watching all of the footage – at times we were in hysterics! I wish I could show it you all as it’s honestly so hilarious, but it’s just a bit too special to put on the internet. Looking through baby pictures gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but home videos are just even more special. It’s crazy to look back at the personality traits I had then!

2018-04-12 (6)

Looking back through the old videos made me realise how important my family are to me. Already after 17 years of life, I have become close to people who I feel totally comfortable around, and one day it all just disappears and never comes back. However, my family have always been here. I am very close to my parents and my brother, as well as other extended family members. I love my family so much. There’s something special about being sat on an evening all watching TV together! My parents have taught me to be kind and respectful, and to always see the good in everything – I am forever grateful for that.

Of course, then it was the 2-week long Easter holiday… it rained everyday but two! The weather was absolutely shocking! We didn’t do anything exciting like we had planned. I think the most exciting thing I did was go for a carvery. Also, guess what? I had my hair cut! For the last year or two now, I’ve had a fear of going to the hairdressers. It’s not an extreme fear to the point where I physically cannot walk past a hair salon, I just get a bit nervous and start shaking when I walk in (it’s actually pretty funny lmao). I think it all stems back from a time in 2016 when I went to the hairdressers, asked for just the ends off, and they go and chop half of my hair off. Then ever since that, I didn’t go to the hairdressers for a 18 months. Anyway, I’ve moved hairdressers now and this one is much better. They understand that my hair is naturally curly and very prone to frizziness, so they do all they can to keep it in good condition and to warrant for the money we pay.


Here’s a picture of my SEXY roast dinner (they are my absolute fave!!). Yes, that’s right, I just called a roast dinner sexy. Moving on…


I went for a little study day with a couple of my friends. We went and sat in the Birmingham Library for a good few hours, and then we moved to Starbucks. I’m not a huge Starbucks lover (this was literally my second time having a drink from there), I’m more of a Costa person, but I really fancied a Starbucks hot chocolate as they do taste pretty damn good. I went in, ordered one, and asked for a small because I don’t drink hot drinks very quickly and I didn’t want it going cold. I kid you not, the man writes my name on a SHOT GLASS. A couple of weeks before when I got a small hot chocolate, it was a decent size, but this man clearly thought I was going to pay £3 for a shot of hot chocolate. (This is the part where I’m proud of myself) I’m pretty socially awkward when it comes to shops and customer service. I know that I’m the customer so the cashier/barista/waiter/whatever should be willing to give me the best customer service, but I just hate causing trouble. If I’ve picked up something in the wrong size or colour, I will probably buy it just to avoid the awkwardness. Anyway, I managed to battle past the social awkwardness and ask for a bigger hot chocolate! Pretty sure it cost me a fiver though, I think I’ll stick to bottles of water. Besides, we had a great day and I got a fair bit of work done!

This month I have really been making an effort to start exercising. When it comes to fitness, I have no stamina. I struggle a bit with body confidence. I’ll talk about it now rather than bottling it up. Sometimes, I wonder why boys don’t really talk to me and I think it has something to do with my body. To be honest, I’m fine and I don’t need anybody talk to – I’ve become heavily independent. I don’t exactly want any sort of distraction during my A-Levels. I’m not overweight at all, I’m much rather underweight, but I feel very un-toned.  I don’t really worry about what I eat because to be truthful, I don’t eat a lot. Some areas of my body are a bit disproportionate. My hips feel HUGE compared to my waist and the rest of my body. Also, I cannot walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. So I decided to take it upon myself to start exercising every other day. It’s not extreme exercise, but I just want to make a few changes to my lifestyle. I feel like it’s going to be very beneficial in the long run because I’ll be maintaining my body shape, exercise is proven to make you feel better if you’re feeling down, and I’ll be building my strength and stamina up. Exercising every other day may seem a bit extreme to quite a few of you, but I literally just do about half an hours worth at home, I try to exercise all of the key areas each week. I guess it makes up for not eating my 5-a-day!

I went back to school after Easter and the weather was great. It was so sunny that we could comfortably sit outside for a few hours and do some work. The weather really does have an impact on my mood!


I went to visit another university which is not far away from me. I liked going to visit it, purely because they gave us free ice cream! I think Wolverhampton has definitely won the freebies competition. I got post it notes, pens, highlighters, you name it!

We went out for tea for my birthday and my mom kind of got food poisoning… Never mind, it was lovely at the time! We went to a local pub which is in the countryside. I love it there and I hadn’t been for a couple of years.


The last day of April was my birthday! I turned 17 and I had such a lovely day! The last time my birthday was on a school day was in 2015 so it was nice to spend the day with my friends at school. Everybody sang happy birthday to me in psychology and my friends sang it at lunch time (it was so embarrassing, the whole canteen looked over and some started joining in!). I had a pretty relaxed birthday and I had a great day. I also ordered my provisional on the evening! I am not going to be starting driving lessons just yet but I have been working very hard on learning theory behind the scenes, I hope to take my theory test in the next few months (fingers crossed, I’ll pass!).

So that was April for you all. It’s now May; this month is already proving to be incredible so I cannot wait to share all of my May adventures with you all!

I hope you have had a great month; what have you been up to?

Love, Alex


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