Fake Tanning for the First Time: Success or Tragedy?!

(it was a success!)

I’m so pale, it’s an actual joke. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having pale skin! As I can’t just jet off to the Caribbean in June (exams!!), I thought I would try fake tanning. I’ve wanted to fake tan for a long time now, but I struggled to find the confidence as I really didn’t want to have a disaster and turn out looking like an Oompa Loompa. I did my research and I eventually decided to bite the bullet and go and buy some fake tan. (I was only brave enough to do my legs)

Before I put the tan on, I had a shower. I shaved my legs and exfoliated them so that the tan went on as smooth as possible.


I used the Vitamin E Oatmeal exfoliator. I use this on my face but I figured it would do the same job on my legs too.

I have to admit, I am TERRIBLE at shaving my legs! I get out of the shower and realise that I’ve missed huge chunks so I have to dry shave the rest and tolerate the burning for the rest of the day.


Rather than using shaving foam/gel, I decided to use baby oil. I bought baby oil to help take the tan off but I found that it’s a great substitute for shaving foam. It leaves your legs feeling unbelievably smooth!


It says on the back to moisturise the dry parts of your skin before applying, so that included the whole of my legs… This body butter was out of a gift set off my cousin and his girlfriend and it smells INCREDIBLE! For some reason, it smells pretty sentimental but I don’t know what the smell reminds me of. If you don’t have dry skin like me, definitely moisturise your knees, the backs of your knees, your ankles and your feet (anywhere the tan could cling to).


I bought the St Moriz Instant Tan from Superdrug. Lots of people were recommending gradual tans to me but I knew that I would get myself in a mess with that! This tan was £5.99 from Superdrug. I also got a St Moriz tanning mitt; however, I wouldn’t recommend the one that I bought as it felt very spongy and was difficult at times to spread the tan with.

I would 100% recommend this tan; I haven’t had experience with any other instant tans but this one is pretty great. It goes on very smoothly and smells like HARIBOS (specifically, gummy bears). It doesn’t go streaky or patchy too; if it does go streaky, it’s easy to fix. It doesn’t feel sticky either, my skin feels totally normal when it’s on.

As this is instant tan, you start to notice the differences very quickly. You can leave it on for longer if you want to be darker. I only left it on for 45 minutes because I didn’t want it to be too dark!


Here’s a colour comparison (it’s a lot more dramatic on camera). I promise you, the tan wasn’t sticky! I took this after I had moisturised.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first experience tanning. Whenever I move onto tanning the rest of my body, I will let you know how it goes.

Lots of love,



7 thoughts on “Fake Tanning for the First Time: Success or Tragedy?!

  1. I’ve been so excited for this post because I bought the same tan the other day from your recommendation! How do you apply it with the tanning mitt like do you do it in circular motions? and im not knowledgeable on the tan so after the 45 minutes do you wash it off?!!xx

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    1. You can either pump it onto the mitt or onto your skin (probably safer onto the mitt) and then apply it in circular motions, sometimes you might need to go in lines to get rid of the streaks. Wash it off just using water, no soap. Also you can leave it on for longer if you want to be darker! Xx

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  2. Loved reading this! I love the St.Moriz tanning products! I use their medium instant tan mousse but just don’t wash it off when I wear it although I probably should, I just loved being tanned….!! And don’t worry when it comes to your whole body, it helps if you have someone to do your back but if not mine always goes fine!!
    Kate Xx https://www.luxekate.com

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