All of the Stationery I Bought But Didn’t Really Need…

It’s that dreaded time again… Back to school! I went back to school today, as you are reading this. I have no idea how today has gone (because I am writing this in the future) – did I even make it home from school?! I’m going into my last year of school before university (HELP!) so I had originally planned to not go too mad on the stationery, and only buy some black pens, as I finish school in June. However… I got tempted! I just couldn’t help myself – I love stationery! So, considering I bought quite a few bits, I thought I would haul it for you – just in case you’re still after some cute and affordable stationery bits!

I managed to buy all of this for £20.74!


Staedtler 323 Triplus Color Fibre-Tip Pens, Pack of 26 = £10.99 from Amazon (they’ve come down in price!)

Let’s start off with this pack of coloured pens which I ordered a couple of months back as an mock exams present (before I had even started my exams). I use them almost everyday and I am in love! There are 26 pens in the pack and there is a use for every colour! The best thing about these pens is that they were very, very affordable!!


Sticky Notes Set and Mini Accessories Set = £1 each from Poundland 

I’d heard from a number of people, friends and in the blogging community, that Poundland had a great stationery range. They have definitely upped their game this year! Granted, the items I have bought from Poundland won’t last as long as they would if they were from a more expensive shop, but they were too adorable to leave behind! Plus, I reckon I could get away with telling people they were from Paperchase!

I bought the sticky notes set mainly because of the ‘Get it done’ tab because I definitely need these to stick in my folders to mark unfinished work! I file everything away as soon as possible so it is very easy to forget to finish off work. I guarantee that by at least October, I will have these throughout my folder. Also, the 1-5 to-do list will be very handy to use daily to note down my priorities.

I definitely didn’t need to buy the mini accessories set, but HOW CUTE IS THE MINI STAPLER?! I don’t know how it will work in terms of staples when it runs out – not sure whether I will need to buy mini staples or not! I even have myself a staple remover which I will probably never use but hey, 8 things for £1!


Weekly Planner and 2018/2019 Academic Diary = £1 each from Poundland

Sticking with the monochrome/spotty theme, I bought a weekly planner (planning on getting my s*** together this year). This will help me plan out what I need to do each day and make sure I get it done! There’s even a space for a to-do list and a list of priorities, so that’s a bonus. I got through so many to-do lists last year, so it will be so much better having everything all in one place. I also got myself a 2010/2019 academic diary. I’m not too sure whether they will give us planners this year as in previous years they haven’t given them to sixth form, but we had one last year. If we do get them, then I have two!


Pritt Stick = £1 from Poundland

I got myself a new Pritt Stick as my old one had ran out. Not much to say about it really! I prefer Pritt Sticks over the cheap glues they give us at school which have either dried up or have no stickiness in them at all!


Pink Geometric Folder = £1 from Asda

Could’ve done without a folder but as I’m studying many different texts in English, I find it easier for me to have each text in a different folder. This means that I don’t have to carry a very heavy ringbinder to school! So, this one is going to be for The Great Gatsby which we are starting this year.


BIC Black Ballpoint Pens and Multi-Coloured Pens = £1.50 each from ASDA

I bought a pack of black pens and some coloured pens which I’m going to split with my brother. BIC pens are my favourite as they don’t dry out and they last a very long time. They can be a bit overpriced when they don’t have offers on, so I tend to buy a pack around December time when they have all of the offers on.


Pastel Sticky Notes = 75p from Asda

I have way too many sticky notes on my desk, but it’s kind of a tradition to buy some new ones each year! I have lots that are very garish and I didn’t have any that were pastel, so I got myself a pack of 400!

So that is everything that I have bought to go back to school. I already had a pencil case (I use a makeup bag because I have so much stuff!) and other things like a ruler and highlighters. I will probably end up buying more things as the year progresses so I will be sure to update you on what I buy.

Hope you have all settled into your new year well. If you haven’t gone back yet, all the best for when you do!

Where is your favourite place to shop for stationery?

Love, Alex


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