Why I Love Christmas | Alexmas ❄

IT’S CHRISTMAAAASSSS! Welcome to the first post of Alexmas. To kick off this series, I am going to be sharing with you why I love Christmas! Christmas is my favourite time of year, undoubtedly, and I’m so happy that I can share my love for Christmas with you guys.

Christmas reminds me of how important my family and friends are. I am a huge people person; I don’t necessarily rely on others, but I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am if it wasn’t for my family and friends. With all of the stress of life, we can forget about how important it is to spend time with the people around us and share our love with them. People have busy schedules and can’t always find the time to see people. Christmas is a time where I normally see family members that I don’t necessarily see every couple of weeks, and we get together and spend a day chatting and making memories.

Although this isn’t the main meaning of Christmas, one of my favourite things to do is to give gifts to other people. I get a little buzz inside of me if I help somebody, or if I give somebody a gift; it feels like I am receiving a gift as well! I love seeing people’s reactions to presents I have bought them, although I do worry that it’s not something they’ll like. I like to be creative and thoughtful when it comes to gift giving. Also, I love wrapping up presents! When I was younger, probably about 11 or 12, I really wanted to start my own gift wrapping service. Looking back, it’s probably a good job that I didn’t because I’m not very good at wrapping up presents that aren’t square!

Everybody seems a lot happier when it’s Christmas time. Perhaps it’s because of the Christmas spirit. People who pass you in public smile at you and say Merry Christmas. Everybody walks with a bit of a bounce. People like to randomly break out into Christmas songs whenever possible. I’m very fortunate, and I understand that this isn’t the case for everybody, that all of my worries fade away at Christmas time. I have 3 weeks off for Christmas so I can concentrate on celebrating, rather than having to trek to and from school.

I’m sure you can guess what my favourite aisle is in Tesco, or any other supermarket. That’s right, the Christmas aisle! My local Tesco have their Christmas stuff in as soon as Halloween is over (they even get some bits in before Halloween!). I love having a little browse in the Christmas aisles at all of the gifts, decorations, cards and food. I become mesmerised by all of the most beautiful Christmas decorations when I really don’t need any more decorations. I often get tempted to purchase lots of little gift sets, even if I have already bought everybody’s presents for Christmas!

Nothing beats the food at Christmas time. I eat a ton of food and I don’t really care about what or how much I’m eating. Christmas dinners, Christmas desserts, and a heck of a load of chocolate is normally what my Christmas consists of. The BEST part of Christmas is demolishing the biscuit selection boxes. Last Christmas, me and my mom finished a layer of a biscuit box whilst my dad and my brother went to a football match (oops!). We normally have cheese and biscuits before we go to bed as well! Christmas is by far the best time of year for food!


Above all else, my favourite thing about Christmas is the Frankfurt Market. In Birmingham, for many years now, the Frankfurt Market comes from the middle of November until just before Christmas. Last year I went with some friends and I even got to try a Frankfurter hot dog! It got a 10/10 from me and I think I’m going to go back for another one this year. I love the whole atmosphere of the Christmas market; people come from all over the country to see it!

In a nutshell, that is pretty much why I love Christmas. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? 


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