What I Got For Christmas 2018!

Hello everybody! I hope you have all had the most wonderful Christmas – I know I have! These past few days have been spent relaxing and eating so much food (but that’s what Christmas is for, right?). Don’t worry though, we haven’t cracked open the Celebrations or the biscuits yet!

For Christmas, I have received so many lovely and thoughtful gifts, so I have decided to do a What I Got For Christmas post. Before I start, I just want to say that I am not doing this post because I want to show off or brag – those aren’t my intentions at all. These posts are some of my favourite to read, and they help me decide what to spend vouchers on. I don’t want to come across as ungrateful or spoilt in this post; I am beyond grateful for everything I have received, and I have thanked everybody personally. I understand that I am so fortunate to receive such lovely things at Christmas. To me, Christmas isn’t just about gifts. The best part about yesterday was spending quality time with my family and eating lots of great food!

Now that I have rambled on a bit too much, let’s get onto what you’re all here for!

My main present off my parents was a Fitbit Charge 3, which I totally wasn’t expecting AT ALL! When my parents asked what I would like for Christmas, I said that I’d like a watch (nothing too crazy expensive) so that I can check the time without getting my phone out. I hate having to keep getting my phone out when I’m in public to check the time, I always thing someone is going to take it!


I was so so happy when I opened this! Normally if I get big presents, I know what they are because I put some money towards it or I help choose it, but I had NO IDEA! My dad got one for my mom (the same one) so I knew of them and I thought they were so cool! My brother got one as well, so I guess we’ll have to get my dad one for his birthday now haha! My Fitbit does so many things! As well as telling the time, it tracks my steps, my heart rate, how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed (not many today quite frankly!), it even tells me when my period is due! One of the coolest things it does is track my sleep. I had an app a few years ago for tracking my sleep but I wasn’t sure how accurate it actually was. I wore my watch last night and this morning, I woke up to find that I’d only had 6 hours sleep and I’d woken up 27 times in the night without realising. Thank you so so much to my mom and dad (they won’t be reading this) once again!

Another thing my parents got me was a new electric toothbrush! I had one years ago and I stopped using it because I lost it (oops). I’ve always been pretty insecure about my teeth so brushing them is probably my favourite part of my morning routine. I use a manual toothbrush currently but it’s nowhere near as powerful as an electric one. I love how it’s black too – my old one was blue so I won’t get it mixed up with my old one if I ever find it again. This is such a useful present, so I am so so grateful!


To go with my electric toothbrush, I got some orthodontic heads to attach to it! One of my friends at school who had braces had these and I thought they were such a good idea. I told my mom about them, so she got me them for Christmas (with my dad as well, of course). These are going to be much better for cleaning my teeth as the heads are suited for cleaning around and in between the brackets. My braces should be coming off in March but even still, when they’re off they will still be great for cleaning my teeth.


This year, I’ve really been getting into calligraphy and hand lettering. My parents saw this calligraphy set in The Works and thought it was perfect for me! I nearly bought myself it for Christmas, so they were lucky there! It comes with a book with different styles of lettering in, a pen with 3 different colours and different sized nibs, a pencil and an eraser, and a notebook to practise them in!


I’d been wanting a blanket for so long (I’m always so cold) and I had heard many great things about the Primark throws. Off my parents, I also received a grey throw and I cannot believe how soft it is!


I practically live in fluffy socks so my parents got me some more! Some of my older ones have started to get holes in now, so I have these to replace them!


Practically all of my pyjamas are Disney ones – I just love Disney so much! Primark have some fleece ones in at the moment and they are the softest pyjamas I have ever felt. These ones have Marie from the Aristocats on (believe it or not, I’ve never actually seen the Aristocats) and they’re so so cute! I got another pair off my brother with the Genie from Aladdin but when I put them on last night, I noticed that the top was ripped. We’ll exchange them for another pair when we get round to popping into Primark.


I’d seen this ever so soft jumper in Primark a few weeks ago and pointed it out to my parents; they kindly got it to me for Christmas! In Primark, they have the best range of soft (chenille I want to say?) jumpers!


I asked my parents for a jigsaw. Now, you’re probably thinking “Alex, that’s weird… You’re 17!” but let me tell you, they are sooo therapeutic and great for stress. I tried the ‘relaxing’ colouring books and I just get stressed when I accidentally go out of the lines. Jigsaws remind me of my childhood as my childminder used to do jigsaws all the time, and I had quite a few kids jigsaws when I was younger. I was sat for about 4 hours straight doing the jigsaw on Christmas day, still haven’t finished it though haha! They were going to get me a baked beans ‘incredibly difficult’ one and I’m so glad that they didn’t because I would never be able to complete it!


Along with my jigsaw, my parents got me a puzzle roll; this is such a good way of storing it! My brother often likes to kick a ball around the living room (so annoying) and there’s no way it would stay in one piece on the floor, so I can roll it up to put it away. Then, when I want to continue, I roll it back out and it’s still in one piece! It’s a great idea so thank you to my parents!

I did also get a pair of boots but they don’t fit right on my feet so we’re going to exchange them – I will show you them over on my instagram once we’ve swapped them!


Off my brother (my parents haha) I got this bronze-coloured travel mug! It’s £1.30 for a hot chocolate at school which is half the size of this and it doesn’t even taste as nice as the ones I make at home! So now I can take a hot chocolate to school with me in my travel mug – so excited ahh!


My brother also got me this grey scarf which I love! I’ve never been brave enough to wear animal print; I feel like I can subtly wear it on this scarf as it’s patterned on both sides. Also, grey is one of my favourite colours!

Thank you so so so much to my parents and my brother – I love everything you have given me and I’m so grateful!

With some of my friends at school, we decided to do a Secret Santa! Before this, I’d never done a Secret Santa. This is what I got!


I first of all got this Soap and Glory ‘Naughty but Spice’ gift set. I love Soap and Glory, especially the way they play on words! It smells fruity but Christmassy at the same time.


I got this gorgeous smelling candle! I kid you not, when I first opened it, I sat there sniffing it for about 20 minutes! It’s the ‘Cosmopolitan’ candle, so I’m not sure if that’s what a cosmopolitan cocktail smells like. If so, I’ll have one of those please haha!


Then I got a raspberry bath bomb. I must admit, I’m not really a bath person. However, in the new year I want to make a conscious effort to spend more time pampering myself – I’m pretty sure I will use it because again, it smells so lovely!


I got this hand cream and nail file set which will definitely come in use! I’m always looking for a nail file and I can never find one, now I will be able to. I also don’t like my hands being dry so the hand cream will again get some use.


Finally, I got these gorgeous nail polishes. Look at the colours!! They are SO me! I’m particularly excited to try the gold sparkly nail polish!

Thank you so so much to my Secret Santa – I love all of these gifts so much!


From another friend at school, I got this lip gloss trio set along with a Chocolate Orange. The shades of the lip gloss are absolutely stunning! I tried the one on the right on Christmas Day and the consistency was so nice – it didn’t dry out my lips like some other liquid lipsticks. I love Chocolate Orange so so much; I’m very excited to start eating it!


Some family kindly got me an Impulse gift set (thank you!). I’ve loved the Impulse sprays for years – the smaller ones are so good for putting in your bag for when you’re out!


Off some more family, I got this lip balm set along with a £20 Boots voucher. I’m always using lip balm so these will definitely be used! Thank you so much!

Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without buying yourself a couple of bits now, would it?


I bought myself this phone case quite a while ago and I thought I would put it away for Christmas. I needed a new one, and it’s got Minnie Mouse on it so it’s perfect!


The new Lush shop has opened in Birmingham and it’s mahooosive! I’d seen that they’d started doing shower bombs and I popped in to get my mom one for Christmas. My mom loved the Sleepy cream but it’s about £15 a tub so I thought I’d buy her one of these. It smells so nice – I could not resist buying myself one!

That is it for my very lengthy post – I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! I also got some vouchers and some money which I’m ever so grateful for. I’m sure I will fill you in in the New Year with what I decide to spend it on. Once again, thank you to everybody who has given me a card, or a present, or wished me a Merry Christmas.

See you soon in a brand new post!♡


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  1. Awesome gifts!! I love the Fitbit, I got the Versa for Christmas! Love love love it! Disney case was super cute as well & you can’t go wrong with LUSH!

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