Looking Back at 2018

What a year 2018 has been! I honestly cannot believe we are at the end of another year again – time has definitely flown by. To round off this year, I thought it would be a great idea to reflect on everything that has happened. I have been looking forward to putting together this post, so I hope you enjoy it!

This year has been a weird one. I’ve had my highs and my lows. I’ve lost friends, I’ve made new ones. I’ve visited new places, I’ve left the country. I’ve made little changes and I’ve made big decisions. Most importantly, I have grown as a person. I wouldn’t say it’s all been bright and cheerful, there were definitely some darker times. It’s been a rollercoaster but I have (almost) made it through to the other side. This journey that I’ve been on this year has helped make me a stronger person. Let’s start off the journey at the beginning, in January.

January was a bit of a miserable month for me. As you know, I kept my blog and my Instagram (and my late YouTube channel) a secret from everybody at school. People can be mean. As much as people say that they are nice, there are people in my year who are a nasty piece of work. Anyway, I don’t know how but somebody found one of my YouTube videos and I immediately took down all 100 of my videos. I felt so ashamed. Looking back, why should I have been ashamed of something that gave me so much happiness? It gave me something to work at and kept my mind busy when there were things going on in my life. I still haven’t restarted my YouTube channel. I’m simply too afraid of what people at school will say and how it might affect my relationships with people. At the moment, I sadly don’t have any plans to revive it but who knows? Watch this space I guess.

February was a great month, it definitely compensated for the very miserable January that I had (I hate January!).


We were given the opportunity to tag along on a school French trip to Paris; I went with two really good friends of mine. I did a whole post on the trip if you would like to check it out! We explored Paris on the one day, visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Cœur. On the other day, we went to Disneyland Paris! Oh my goodness! Even thinking back to the excitement I felt when I first walked through the gates is giving me extreme butterflies! I’d always wanted to visit Disneyland, so I ticked off something on my bucket list whilst there! I do wish I’d have gone on more rides whilst there though. I’m not a huge fan of going on rides but I wish I could have pushed myself out of my comfort zone! Never mind, perhaps if I go again, I will go on more rides.

March was a bit of a quiet month, we don’t really tend to do much. Early in March my dad got made redundant. The industry that he worked in was slowly dying and losing out to the internet, so the company decided to close his workshop. He seemed pretty happy because his job was a bit miserable, however I was upset because I don’t like changes. We’re all doing okay though!

On a much brighter note, I started volunteering at a Brownie group. I was a Brownie and a Guide back in the day, and I really wanted to go back and volunteer at some point. I’d been considering it for a couple of years so I decided to just go for it! I’ve been doing it ever since and I find it so fulfilling. I love helping others, expecting nothing in return. It also made a good talking point in my university interviews and my personal statement.

I went to look around BCU (Birmingham City) and the University of Worcester. I’m not going to go into detail about which I preferred more because I still don’t know! I love love love Worcester as it has such a homely feel to it, and I like Birmingham’s course.

April soon came around, and you know what that meant? I turned 17! Although, that wasn’t until the end of the month so I will go through what else happened first.

During the Easter holidays, it rained for almost everyday apart from a couple of them. One day, I went to the library in Birmingham with a couple of friends to do some school work (we actually did some). From the top of the library you can get panoramic views all across Birmingham! Although the day was meant for school work, it was such an enjoyable day which I will remember in years to come.

We spent a whole day in April looking back on old videos. When I was younger (from the day I came home from hospital up until the age of about 4) my parents had a video camera which they used to video our holidays, our Christmases, our days out, and even just funny moments in the house! We had hours and hours of laughter! It’s so funny to see parts of my personality aged 4 that are still with me to this day! Forever grateful for my parents documenting these moments which I can keep to look back on.



At the end of April, it was my 17th birthday! At first, I was disappointed that my birthday had to fall on a Monday, I hadn’t been at school on my birthday since 2015. However, I had such an enjoyable day! I took some biscuits and some chocolates into school for lunchtime with my friends, and people sang Happy Birthday to me (embarrassing!).


Moving onto May, which was a pretty busy month! I took my first ever long(ish) distance solo train journey down to Oxford. The head of sixth form chose me as one of the people to go to this open day event at Keble College, part of the University of Oxford. I was intent on applying to Primary Education so to be honest, I only really went for the experience! Oxford was a place I’d always wanted to visit – I had plenty of time to explore the city. It was an experience where I definitely felt out of place, even though the event was specifically for students from normal high schools in the West Midlands. It was nice looking around the university, and it confirmed to me that I was definitely not going to apply to Oxford (the head of sixth form seemed disappointed but it was definitely not for me).


I went into Birmingham to take pictures for photography and I ran into the one and only Saffron Barker! It’s not everyday that you meet somebody who is pretty much famous on the internet. It just felt so surreal! I saw her coming out of a shop and I didn’t want to interrupt and say hi, but then I saw her again and we had a conversation (she was so lovely, regardless of what you think of her!). It’s almost like the universe had listened to me!


Another highlight of May was the *incredible* weather. When the sun is out and the temperature is up, everybody is at their happiest. I had my birthday meal at Frankie and Benny’s; it was sad that a few friends couldn’t make it but nonetheless I had a great time! Also, we had a barbecue the one weekend. Nothing beats sitting in the garden for the whole day, getting on with some school work, being in the company of my wonderful family, and listening to some summer tunes.


June started off pretty sad; one of my friends who was an exchange student moved back to Italy! 😦 Hopefully one day we’ll all cross paths again.

Apart from that, not much else happened in June! Apart from we had mocks which weren’t great…

In July, my dad took me and my brother out for a dessert on our inset day. Nothing better than a good old sundae!

Another big change I made in July was I stopped clipping my hair up. For years (probably about 5 or 6 years) I have always had my hair curly with the bits at the side clipped up. However, I decided to have all of my hair down and I haven’t looked back since! It’s made my hair look so much healthier, and it has got a lot curlier.



Me and my friend, Hannah, tagged along on another school trip! Well, it was a trip for her but I tagged along for the day out (lmao). We went to see Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre in the West End. I went to see Mamma Mia in the West End in 2015 and that was one of the best days of my life! So, without really knowing the story of Dreamgirls, we went to see it. It was so so enjoyable and the story was so easy to follow!


At the start of August, I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon with a few of my friends and it was such an incredible day! Stratford is one of my favourite places! We caught the train down there without any hassle, we went into Sainsbury’s and got a ton of food, and then we went on a boat ride down the River Avon. It was such a warm day, so sun cream was needed! We sat in the shade and had a good old picnic. Sitting with friends, having a laugh, and watching the world go by is what made this day amazing!

I had other great moments with my family, such as our trip to Resorts World to have a look in the shops. My mom and I went to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia 2 – oh what a good film it was! I bought my mom the DVD for Christmas so now we can watch it as many times as we like!

We went down to Devon for a few days to our favourite hotel in Paignton. We hadn’t been in a couple of years so we were very much looking forward to it. I did a blogpost detailing the things we did whilst there if you would like to check it out!


One of my favourite moments of our trip to Devon was the walk that me and my dad went on. Every year, my dad walks to this spot to photograph the steam trains going past the sea. This year, I thought I would walk with him! Oh, it was definitely worth it. We had to stop half way at the bench as it was soooo hot. We sat for about half an hour just in awe at how insanely beautiful the view was. When we reached our destination, I got the most perfect picture of the steam train passing us!


I love the South West so so much, it would be a dream to live there!

A week or so later, we headed to another one of our favourite places – Edinburgh! As a family, we love the city and we never run out of things to do.


As soon as we arrived in Edinburgh and had dropped the cases off at the hotel, we caught a train to the Forth Bridge! It’s a huge rail bridge (I’m pretty sure it may be one of the longest in the UK) which goes from one side of the Firth of Forth to the other. I’d always wanted to see it in real life as it is pretty iconic, so we caught a train to Dalmeny and walked a looonggg way.


We went to the zoo on the one day but the queue was probably about 100 families long, so we decided to give it a miss. We’d been to Edinburgh Zoo before so it wasn’t too much of a big deal. Instead, we headed to Portobello Beach. We went to a Scottish beach the last time we went and we were in awe at how clean and natural they are! I felt so ill so I didn’t take any pictures; instead, I just soaked up the sea air and watched the world (and cute dogs) go by. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of my own so enjoy this one from Google images!

We also went to a museum in Glasgow. Museums really aren’t my cup of tea (especially when they’re about cars and trains) but it was quite interesting nonetheless. Then we spent the afternoon exploring the city of Glasgow which we hadn’t really done before.


We saw the statue with the cone on its head, apparently it’s a Glasgow thing and whenever the cone gets removed, it always gets replaced.

September brought the start of school; the only things I look forward to is buying my new stationery and seeing my friends.


It was my mom’s birthday towards the end of September so we went out for a family meal! This time, she didn’t get food poisoned like she did for my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary meal earlier in the year!


My family and I went on an Autumn walk during the October half term, so that I could get some pictures for photography. It made me truly appreciate the beauty of the seasons. I’m not the biggest fan of Autumn, but what I do love is the brightly coloured leaves and the crisp air.


We took a trip down to London in November, as you can tell it was very rainy. But in the true Hunter family spirit, we didn’t let the rain stop us from exploring the city!


We headed to many places such as Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross, Canary Wharf and many more places! It was such a lovely day. I normally find London quite stressful and I find it difficult to relax and enjoy being there, however I did enjoy myself! I even got to visit my future home and take a picture outside of it, haha!

A big thing about 2018 is that lots of my friends have been turning 18, and obviously celebrating it in style. I kind of love other people’s birthdays more than my own! I’ve been to a couple of 18th birthday parties and I’ve really enjoyed letting my hair down and getting drunk on happiness (whilst being completely sober).


I’ll include this picture because I know my friends won’t mind!

Another exciting thing that happened was the start of work experience! It took a while to get it organised – it’s so difficult to get experience in a primary school! However, for the last half term I have been spending my Friday afternoons in Year 2 and I have LOVED IT! It was pretty sad saying goodbye but I will hopefully be going back once my exams are done!

Now that brings us to December. At the start of the month, I vowed to post lots of Christmassy posts but that didn’t go to plan. Everything got busy and I didn’t have the time to post. However, I feel like my blog is beginning to slowly grow! Of course, my blog is just my hobby but it is nice to see people enjoying reading the posts that I write. A couple of days ago, it was 2 years to the day that I made this blog after being over on blogspot for a couple of years. I had been doing blogposts here and there but I really feel like over the last couple of months, I have started to enjoy blogging even more.


I had a wonderful Christmas! A few days before Christmas, I went for a meal with a few of my friends and we went to the German Market afterwards. The German Market is always the highlight of December in my opinion!

This year hasn’t been easy. Looking back, I have realised that there have definitely been some highlights, as well as some challenges. In 2019, I really want to make the most of every single day and remember to enjoy everything. I want to embrace any challenges thrown at me and work my hardest to achieve my goals, because ultimately it will all be worth it.

Thank you so much for sticking with me this year, it wouldn’t have been enjoyable with the immense amount of support from you. I hope you have enjoyed reading this very lengthy post! I never intended it to be this long but when I stop talking, I cannot stop haha!

See you all on the other side!


Instagram: @alexandraageorgiaa

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3 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2018

  1. Happy New Year lovely! It’s so strange but I faced the same problem with a girl finding out my blog around April time and she tried so hard to make me feel bad for it which I wasn’t gonna let happen so I can totally relate to how you feel! But, it sounds like you had a great time in Oxford and Edinburgh. Hopefully, 2019 has a better start for you. Lots of love xx

    Najida | http://www.lifeasnajida.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Nobody outrightly humiliated me to my face which I am SO glad about, just a load of people from school followed me on instagram at the same time. What made it worse was that it was during school time and some of those people I’m friends with, so I guess people were talking about me. But looking past that, I think it’s best not to care if people dislike you for something that gives you so much happiness! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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