It’s been a while…


So, this is weird…

As I’m sure you guys are aware, I’ve been gone for a looooongggg time, or perhaps you haven’t even noticed! At the start of the year, I vowed to get my blog up and running properly this year with regular posts and lots of effort. However… life kind of got in the way! I’m going to take you on a quick whistle-stop tour of everything that has happened over the last 6-ish months (nothing life changing, honestly) and then explain myself a little.

Back in early January (over 6 months ago now, oops!) I said that I “wanted to produce more content on my blog” during 2019, but I can honestly say that since I put that post up, I have not written one since. My writing is a little bit rusty, and I’m trying to refrain from putting “lol” or short text abbreviations because I have gotten so used to putting “lol” on the end of EVERYTHING. Honestly, am I 12? NO!

I think I mentioned but if you follow me on my Instagram, you’ll be more than aware that this year was the year of my A-levels. I don’t want to classify myself as a “nerd” because I feel like that looks at people who genuinely have a love for learning in a negative way. If I’m completely truthful, I have a fear of failure. Yes, I’ve never met anyone who likes failing, but some people are more laid back than others. I am the complete polar opposite of laid back so these last 6 months have been spent working towards my exams! It’s not an over-exaggeration when I say that I had no time to write blog posts. Not only did I not have the time, I also didn’t really have the drive or the inspiration. Whenever I would find a spare half an hour to wind down, I would sit and open up a blank blog post but nothing would be written. I was so, so exhausted that I just didn’t have any sort of motivation to even want to write!

Now that my A-levels are over and done with, I am finding it hard to fill the time with things to do. I used to dedicate all of my time to revising or seeing my family, meaning that I quite literally had no time to put my all into writing blog posts. Now that I do have a substantial amount of time, I thought I would come back and say hello! I am planning on putting up regular posts like I used to, but I cannot promise that I will stick to a schedule. I think I am just going to post as and when I feel like it, if that means I post 5 times a week, or once every three weeks, so be it! My camera is *kind of* broken at the moment. Long story short, there’s an SD card stuck in it… It does still work, but I have to use a wire to transfer photos as opposed to just sticking the SD card in my laptop like I am used to. I am going to get it fixed over the next couple of weeks, so that could mean that I cannot take photos for my posts for a while.

Tomorrow, I am going to upload a post sharing with you all of the things I have got up to over the last 6 months. I promise there is nothing radically life-changing, but I have had a good start to the year, so far.

So, I feel like I have explained myself as much as I can! Thank you for reading, I was going to put this explanation at the start of tomorrow’s post, but I feel like that would just make the post a bit too long and rambly.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and make sure you get out in the sun today (it’s meant to be 32 degrees here!).


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One thought on “It’s been a while…

  1. Hope your a levels went well! I totally understand the fear of failure thing cos I struggle with it too! I think it’s completely understandable to take a step back when you have such big exams since I’ll do the same this year with my gcses xx


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